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Without a retail license, downloads will run in trial mode. Trial mode will migrate all file revisions, including changeset creation, comments, branch relationships and labels.

The limitation is that the file contents that are migrated will have their contents substituted with revision information for the files that will be migrated by the purchased product.

Once the product is purchased, a license file will be sent out that will enable the releases here to migrate file contents.

Current Release

The following versions are compiled against the 2019 TFS Object Model APIs. It is compatible with accessing 2008 through 2020 on-premise Azure DevOps Servers as well as Azure DevOps Services.

Version: 4.0.22177.01
Date: 06/26/2022
Size: 15.2 MB
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Changes in 4.0.22177.01
Removed trial license requirement for downloads.

Previous Versions

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